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Windsor Garage DoorsWindsor Garage Doors (officially known as Windsor Republic Doors) has been in business in Little Rock Arkansas for over fifty years. They manufacture garage doors for both residential and commercial applications. Their residential models are all of the sectional overhead design, and those are what we will focus on here. For information on their commercial garage doors, please visit the Windsor website or contact the nearest dealer.

More than 5 million Windsor doors have been put in service over the past fifty years. They have over 3,000 independent dealers nationwide. All of their doors are constructed with a tongue and groove joint between the panels, and most of their designs use a unique Tog-L-Loc fastening system instead of screws or rivets. All of their garage doors are steel.

Here is a quick summary of the residential models that Windsor Garage Doors offers:

Model 790: This door comes in four basic styles. Raised (short) Panel, Ranch (long) Panel, Carriage (short grooved) Panel, and Flush Panel. It is a three layer (steel-polystyrene-steel) door with an R9 insulation value. It is 2" thick, has up to six colors available, and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Model 780: Flush Panel door with three layer construction (steel-polystyrene-steel) with R6.3 insulation. It is 1-3/8" thick, has four colors available, and has a limited lifetime warranty.

Model 755: Carriage Panel design with optional R5.9 polystyrene insulation. It is 2" thick, with 24 gauge steel, three available colors and a limited lifetime warranty. Decorative carriage door hardware is optional.

Model 750: Has the same specs as the Model 755 above, but with a Raised Panel design.

Model 735: Available in both Raised Panel and Ranch Panel designs, it comes with vinyl-backed polystyrene insulation, R2.7. Four colors are available, and it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Model 730: Available in Raised Panel, Ranch Panel, and Carriage Panel designs. Optional R6.0 polystyrene insulation, 2" thick, and up to six colors are available. Limited lifetime warranty.

Model 724: Raised Panel only, with optional R6.0 polystyrene insulation. It is 2" thick and only comes in white. Limited lifetime warranty.

Model 426: Ribbed Panel design like many commercial doors. It is constructed with 26 gauge steel and has three colors available. It has a 10 year limited warranty, and no window or insulation options.

Two of the Windsor garage door colors are made to look like cherry or oak stained wood. They call these SteelWood doors, and these finishes are only available on Model 730 and Model 790. There are as many as 12 different window options available on some door models. They also offer three different styles of leaded-glass look inserts for certain models.

The Windsor Republic Doors website has a neat tool where you can "build" your own garage door and experiment with different combinations of panel designs, window inserts, and colors will look like. If you are in the market for a steel garage door, Windsor Garage Doors deserve a look.

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* This information is offered for reference only, and is deemed to be reasonably accurate at the time of this writing. Garage Plans Etc. has no affiliation to or relationship with Windsor Republic Doors. Not responsible for omissions or errors. Please refer to the Windsor Garage Doors website or contact the nearest dealer for current specs and information.

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