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Haas Garage Doors has been in business since 1954 and is located in Wauseon, OH. They manufacture a variety of styles of steel sectional overhead doors for residential use, as well as commercial doors in steel and aluminum. We will focus on the residential models here.

Haas offers a dozen or so different window styles, and several different types of glass are available. They have wind load models that are certified for up to 140 mph. Their doors are available through a network of independent dealers, but are not available in all areas. Almost all of the models on their website come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Here is a quick summary of the different models that Haas Garage Doors offers:

Carriage Style Garage Doors

American Tradition (900) Series: Traditional carriage style with decorative crossbucks, halfbucks, or vertical trim. 3 layers (plus trim), with 26 gauge steel inside and out. These come with 1-3/8" thick R13.45 foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation. There are 6 designs to choose from, with 6 window options and 4 base colors. You can mix 2 different panel and trim colors. Exterior handles are included, decorative hinges are optional.

Model 760 Platinum: Recessed grooved panels, 3 layers with 26 gauge steel inside and out, 1-3/4" thick R16.18 foamed in place polyurethane insulation. They are available in 2 designs and 7 colors. Handles are included, decorative hinges are optional.

Haas Garage Doors

Model 660 Gold: These are very similar to the Model 760 above, but have 1-3/8" thick R13.45 insulation.

Model 246: Recessed grooved panels in a single layer, 24 gauge steel door. Optional 1-3/8" thick R7.45 vinyl-covered polyurethane insulation. 2 designs and 4 colors are available.

Regular Haas Garage Doors

2000 Series: This is their premier line of steel doors. Six different panel styles are available: flush, v-groove, carriage house (recessed), long raised panel (ranch), short raised panel, and sculptured raised panel. These are three layer doors with 2" thick polyurethane foam insulation and a 17.66 R-value. There are twelve colors available, all with an embossed woodgrain texture.

Model 700 Platinum Series: 6 different styles are available: flush, v-groove, long raised panel (ranch), short raised panel, sculpted short raised panel, plus the carriage style recessed panel (Model 760 above). 3 layers, with 26 gauge steel inside and out. 1-3/4" thick R16.18 foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation. A variety of colors are offered.

Model 600 Gold Series: same as above, except 5 styles (no v-groove model) and 1-3/8" thick R13.45 insulation.

Models 247 & 248 Silver Series: Raised panel door with short or long panels and single layer 24 gauge steel construction. Optional 1-3/8" vinyl covered insulation held in place with steel covers, 4 colors.

Model 258 Bronze Series: Raised panel door with short panels only, 25 gauge steel, otherwise similar to Models 247 & 248.

360 Residential Aluminum Series: Haas now has glass/aluminum residential garage doors available. They come with a variety of different styles of tempered, laminate or insulated tempered glass. The aluminum frames can be ordered in three different anodized colors and seven different painted finishes. Custom colors and powdercoated finishes are available on request.

Haas also lists a Classic Wood Collection, but this is actually a just a finish that is available on all of the 600 and 700 series doors. It is available in either Oak or Cherry, and looks like real wood. This appears to be very similar to an option that Windsor Garage Doors offers. The door models in the Haas 200 series also use the same Tog-L-Loc construction as Windsor doors.

Here is a video showing a number of the different options that are available from Haas:

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* This information is offered for reference only, and is deemed to be reasonably accurate at the time of this writing. Garage Plans Etc. has no affiliation to or relationship with Haas Garage Door Company. Not responsible for omissions or errors. Please refer to the Haas Door Company website or contact the nearest dealer for current specs and information.

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