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GADCO Garage Doors, also known as the General American Door Company, has been manufacturing garage doors since 1965. Their headquarters is in Montgomery IL, and they have nine wholesale distribution centers in the eastern half of the US. They make both residential and commercial doors, but we will focus on their residential garage doors here.

GADCO has five different lines of residential steel garage doors. They also offer a line of rust proof high density polyethylene (HDPE) doors and a line of wooden carriage style garage doors. All of their models either come with polystyrene insulation built in or offer it as an option.

Here is a quick comparison of the residential models offered by GADCO Garage Doors:

Independence Series 7100: Raised panel or flush panel design, three-layer insulated door with a 26 gauge steel exterior and a 28 gauge steel interior. These are 2" thick, with 6 exterior colors available and a white interior. They are designed with shiplap section joints, have nylon rollers, and come with a limited lifetime warranty against defects and a 3-year warranty on the components. This is GADCO's best insulated garage door.

Insulated Series 7926: Raised panel, 2 layer door with insulation laminated to a 26 gauge steel skin. It is 2" thick, with 6 colors available and a 10 year/1 year warranty.

Pioneer Series 7825: Raised panel single layer design with 25 gauge steel and 2" thick sections. Insulation is optional. There are 7 colors available, and they come with steel ball bearing rollers and a 10 year/2 year warranty.

Heartland Series 7450: Carriage house style single layer design with 26 gauge steel and 2" thick sections. Insulation is optional. There are 3 colors available, and it comes with shiplap section joints, nylon rollers, and a 10 year/1 year warranty. Decorative carriage house style hinges and handles are included.

GADCO Garage Doors

Plainsman 7400 Series: Raised panel single layer design with 26 gauge steel and 2" thick sections. Insulation is optional. There are 3 colors available, and it comes with shiplap section joints, steel ball bearing rollers, and a 10 year/1 year warranty. This is the most economical model that GADCO Garage Doors makes.

Freedom 9001 & 9004 Series: These are insulated garage doors made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is a type of plastic that is impact and abrasion resistant and never needs painting. 9001 is raised panel, 9004 is carriage style. They are 1-3/8" thick, with an aluminum frame. They come in 2 colors and have a lifetime/3 year warranty.

Presidential Series: Wooden carriage style doors with 8 different designs to choose from. They are available in clear cedar (no knots), tight knot cedar, or hemlock. The cedar garage doors are stain grade, hemlock doors are paint grade. They have a pine frame, with 2 layers of fir plywood, 1" of insulation, and are 2-11/16" thick including trim. Wooden doors come with nylon rollers and shiplap section joints. 1 year warranty.

GADCO Garage Doors offers a variety of window designs like most other manufacturers. One unusual option they offer is that you can choose a color for your window inserts that is different than the door color. This gives you the flexibility to make your door stand out from the crowd.

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* This information is offered for reference only, and is deemed to be reasonably accurate at the time of this writing. Garage Plans Etc. has no affiliation to or relationship with General American Door Company. Not responsible for omissions or errors. Please refer to the company's website or contact the nearest dealer for current specs and information.

UPDATE: General American Door Company has been acquired by Hormann LLC, and it appears that the GADCO website has been taken down. For information on parts or service on GADCO garage doors, contact HORMANN LLC.

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