Martin Garage Doors,
A Quick Overview

Martin Garage Doors has been in the business since 1936, and was one of the first companies to produce overhead garage doors. They offer a number of different models in steel, aluminum, glass, and even copper. All of their residential models are of the sectional overhead type, and they do not offer any designs in wood.

They also manufacture commercial garage doors in steel, aluminum, and glass, as well as roll up commercial garage doors, but we will focus on the residential models here. There are dealers in most of 50 US states, as well as in 92 other countries. Martin prides themselves on the safety of their products, and there are over 20 different safety features built in to their residential garage door systems.

The most significant safety features of Martin garage doors include:

Controlled Descent Device – This mechanism keeps the door from free falling if a spring or cable should break. It prevents damage or injury from a falling garage door. It is standard on all Martin Garage door systems, and no other manufacturer offers this safety feature.

Fingershield System – All models of Martin's doors come with this safety feature. The shape of the panels where they hinge together eliminates the gaps that are present in other garage doors, and prevents someone from getting their fingers trapped and crushed between the panels when the door is closing. They also provide shields on the rollers and smooth edges on all metal parts where possible.

Safety Springs – Martin garage door springs are rated for 20,000-30,000 cycles, which is much higher than most manufacturers. Longer life means less chance of a spring breaking and causing injury.

Martin offers premium, lifetime warranty, 24 gauge steel garage doors in six basic designs:

Woodline – Short raised panels

Ranch – Long raised panels

Camelot – Mixed raised panels

Grooved – Short raised panels with vertical grooves in each panel

Flushline – Flush panels

HiTensil – Ribbed panels

Martin Garage Doors - Steel

They also have a mid-range series, the Supersteel. A Supersteel door still has the same 24 gauge steel, but it does not have the premium-level hardware and springs. It is only available with short, long, and grooved raised panels, and is not available in all sizes.

Martin also offers an economy steel door, the Montana, which has long raised panels like the Ranch model. It is made with 26 gauge steel, and comes with a 12 year warranty. Any of the steel models can be ordered with no insulation, or they can be fitted with steel-backed insulation, either R8 or R14. There are more than seventy different colors available.

Martin's aluminum garage doors are only available in a carriage house style. The aluminum models come with built-in insulation and a steel backing. Windows are included, but the doors can also be ordered with solid aluminum panels if you prefer. Their regular Carriage House Garage Doors have rectangular windows, and their ArchCrest series has arched windows. They have the same colors available as in their steel models, and you can get the Carriage House and ArchCrest doors with a two-tone color scheme.

Martin Garage Door - ArchCrest

The Athena series of doors combines full view glass panels with an extruded aluminum frame. You have a number of different choices available when it comes to the glass. Acrylic, tempered, or laminated; clear, opaque, frosted, tinted, pebbled, and other architectural glass options are available.

Finally, Martin has copper garage doors. Copper is a unique and interesting architectural material, as it changes color over time with exposure to the atmosphere and the weather. Martin offers copper garage doors in all of the same styles as their steel doors, and they have the same insulation options as the steel models.

Martin Garage Door - Copper

In 2011, Martin introduced their new California line of garage doors. The California series comes in Short Panel, Long Panel, and Grooved Panel designs, and are more economically priced that their other doors. The California series retains many of the same safety and durability features as their more expensive models.

If you consider all the options in steel, aluminum and glass, plus all the different colors, Martin has over 5,000 total unique combinations available. With the safety features and number of options they offer, Martin Garage Doors are certainly worth looking at.

Here is a video that Martin put together showing a bunch of the different styles and colors they have available:

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* This information is offered for reference only, and is deemed to be reasonably accurate at the time of this writing. Not responsible for omissions or errors. Please refer to the Martin website or contact the nearest dealer for current specs and information. Garage Plans Etc. has no affiliation to or relationship with Martin Garage Doors.

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