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With free garage plans, sometimes you get what you pay for. There are a few free garage blueprints out there that are fairly complete, and may be ready for you to build a garage from (depending on local requirements). However, many of the designs below are not really "construction-ready", and may be missing details or other information that is needed for a building permit.

Some of the designs are quite old, and may not meet today's building codes or your local wind and snow load requirements. Keep in mind that if you have to hire an architect or engineer to modify your free plans, it may cost as much or more than buying a complete set of plans that are ready to build from.

Some of these free garage plans are best used as springboards for your own ideas, or to take to an architect to show him what you have in mind. Many of the blueprints on the university websites are actually for farm buildings and barns, but could easily be adapted to build a garage.

A design that was originally intended for horses or cattle may have all the elements you need if you just add a couple of big doors. A building that was originally designed with one wall open may be perfect if you enclose that side.

That being said, take a look at the links below. Explore a little and open your mind. You might find just what you are looking for! has a number of free garage plans available if you provide them your email address. The designs are for expandable, pole-barn style buildings with one to four bays and a loft. They will send you emails periodically, but you can opt out of the emails if you don't want to receive them later.

They also offer a package of 58 plans for only $29 - much less than you will pay for a single set of garage blueprints at some other places. I have purchased this package, and have to say it is a great deal for the money. You can get more details about what is included in the $29 package on my Detached Garage Plans page. offers a free design for a 24x20 single car garage, plus many other inexpensive building plans for sale. They have a package deal that is only $17.00 for a set of 10 different garage blueprints. has a free blueprint for a 24x24 two car structure with a loft. You have to give them your name and email address, and they will then send you a link to the free plan.

They also have garage plans for sale at reasonable prices. I will tell you that I downloaded their free plan over a year ago, and have yet to receive an email from them. Unless something changes, you don't have to worry about a bunch of junk email messages! currently has three free garage plans available in exchange for your name and email address. One plan is for a simple one story 20x22 building with standard trusses. The second one is for a 22x22 building with attic storage trusses. The third free garage plan is a 24x28 1-1/2 story building with dormers on both sides. has a plan for a 16x20 gambrel-roof (barn roof) with loft. This same design is sold elsewhere for $14.95. They also have a free plan for a 16x20 gable-roof workshop.

Rona, a chain of home improvement stores in Canada (think Home Depot or Lowes in the US) has a free step-by-step tutorial for building a 16' x 22' single car garage.

North Dakota State University has a dozen or more free garage plans. How many you count depends on how loosely you define the term "garage". A few are intended for automotive use, but most are primarily intended as outbuildings for a farm.

A number of them incorporate a fully enclosed shop plus a number of bays that are open on one end for storing tractors or other farm equipment. Some of the designs are quite old, going as far back as 1929.

University of Tennesee-Knoxville also has a number of plans. Similar to the NDSU designs, many are old and are intended to be farm outbuildings. Take a look at their listings for "General Barn and Utility Shed Plans", and the "Machinery and Supply Storage" plans.

Don't think that just because a blueprint is titled "Woodworking Shop Layout" that it isn't suitable for building a garage - it might be just what you are looking for, or might spark some new ideas for you. You might also end up deciding that a building with a couple of carport-type bays that are open on one end would be nice for storing finished or future projects, parts cars, etc.

MidWest Plan Service is part of Iowa State University, and offers blueprints similar to UT and NDSU. Look at their "Framing and Utility Plans", the "Machinery Storage Plans", and "Misc. Plans".

Canada Plan Service also has several barn and machinery storage blueprints that could be useful. Take a look at plan numbers 8311, 8312, 8313, and 8314. There are two links on each page; one is to a leaflet describing the structure, and the other actually gets you the blueprint. These designs will likely meet snow load requirements in colder areas, which is an important consideration if you live "up north"!

If you visit all of the above links, you will see that there are a ton of possibilities out there for free garage plans. Some will require more modification than others, but this should be a good starting point if you are planning on building a garage.

In the long run, most folks will probably be better off if they purchase a set of modern plans to build from. But if you live in an area with mild weather and lenient building codes, one of the many free garage plans above may be just what you need.

There are also some very inexpensive plan packages available. You can get 58 different sets of plans for only $29.00 at Garage Building 101. You might also want to take a look at our garage blueprints directory and our guide to free pole barn plans. Check out the links to our Related Pages for information on all the different garage types and sizes. And just remember that some of the free garage plans out there may be worth exactly what you paid for them!

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