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An online search for Dallas garage door repair and installation will give you hundreds of companies that want your business. If you don't personally know someone at one of those companies, how do you decide who to call? How do you find an installer or repair company that you can trust to do the job right the first time for a fair price?

Asking friends, neighbors and coworkers for recommendations is a good place to start, but you have to be careful. Your friend may have been lucky and had a good experience with a company that has lots of other unhappy customers. Or your coworker may have been the only unhappy customer out of hundreds of happy customers.

There are a lot of places online that you can get reviews and ratings for a Dallas garage door repair company, but you have to be careful with those websites also. Many of them don't have a mechanism in place to prevent a company's owner, employees, or friends from posting a bunch of positive reviews. Or to prevent a single unhappy customer or a competitor from posting multiple negative reviews. One website actually lets the door company choose which customers can give reviews, and the ratio of good-to-bad reviews is managed so that it is believable, but always positive overall!!!

The best place online to find reliable reviews and ratings for Dallas garage door repair is probably Angie's List. Angie's List gathers reviews from actual, verified customers and compiles them. The service company gets a grade from A to F based on the reviews that are posted. They are given an opportunity to respond to any negative reviews, but can't prevent them from being posted.

Angie's List's procedures and data collection processes are audited by an independent firm every year to make sure that no service provider is being given preferential treatment or is being treated unfairly. Angie's List is going to be the most reliable way to find trustworthy garage door installers and repair companies.

However, if you don't want to join Angie's List, there are two other places to check. The first is ServiceMagic. ServiceMagic (SM) posts verified customer reviews, but only for Dallas garage door repair companies that use the SM lead referral service. If a company gets too many bad reviews, they probably figure the SM relationship is hurting them more than helping, so they drop out of the program and then the reviews vanish.

The second place to check is the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) doesn't provide customer reviews (at least not now in 2011), but gives the door company a grade based on the number of complaints it receives, how long the company has been in business, and other factors.

There are a lot of Dallas garage door repair companies that aren't listed at all with the BBB. A company can pay a fee to be accredited by the BBB, which also requires that the company adhere to certain minimum standards. However, the BBB does also have reports on many companies that aren't accredited.

If you aren't a member of Angie's List, I recommend that you check out a door company with both SM and the BBB. If you find a company that gets lots of good reviews on SM and has a good grade with the BBB, it is probably a safe bet. I have done that for you below, and have come up with my own four-tier list of Dallas garage door repair and installation companies.

First, I list the companies that have good ServiceMagic ratings and are accredited by the BBB. Next I list the companies that have good SM ratings and a good BBB grade, but aren't accredited by the BBB. After that I have companies that are accredited by the BBB but aren't members of SM, and lastly I have listed the companies that get good SM ratings but don't have any record with the BBB.

All the companies listed below specialize in Dallas garage door repair and installation, or list it as one of several specialties. I left out the general handyman do-it-all companies. I also left out any companies that had poor ratings. The BBB-listed companies all have a grade of "A-" or higher, and their grade is listed. The companies below that are listed with ServiceMagic all score at least 4.5 out of 5 stars (or better), and I have that rating listed also.

Disclaimer time! I have no affiliation or relationship whatsoever with any of the companies listed below. Their inclusion on my list is in no way a recommendation or endorsement, and I have provided these listings for informational purposes only. Companies can evolve, change hands, move, come under different management, etc., Check the ratings for yourself, as they may well have changed after this list was compiled in 2011.

Dallas Garage Door Repair
and Installation Companies

ServiceMagic Rated, BBB Accredited:

dallas garage door

  • Apple Garage Door Repair Dallas TX
    Allen, TX, 469-688-7026
    SM = 4.88 stars, 272 ratings, BBB "A"
  • Family Christian Doors
    North Richland Hills, 817-595-9900
    SM = 4.85 stars, 95 reviews, BBB "A+"
    Angie's List "Super Service Award" 2010
  • Welborn Garage Doors
    Dallas/Rowlett, 214-343-2233
    Fort Worth, 817-466-3366
    SM = 4.57 stars, 177 reviews, BBB "A+"
    2011 EBSCO Research Best Pick, BestPickReports.com
  • Action Garage Door Repair Dallas TX
    Dallas - Plano, 972-254-4040
    Fort Worth, 817-204-0917
    SM = 4.63 stars, 40 reviews, BBB "A+"
  • Professional Doors and Floors LLC
    Grand Prairie, 817-538-7668
    SM = 4.75 stars, 38 reviews, BBB "A+"

  • ServiceMagic Rated, BBB Rated (not accredited):

  • HIS Overhead Doors
    Garland, 214-560-6398
    4.79 stars, 260 ratings, BBB "A+"

  • BBB Accredited:

    Dallas garage door repair

  • A1 Affordable Garage Door Services
    Plano, 972-877-5744
  • AAA Garage Door & Opener
    Terrell, 972-222-3421
  • AAA Overhead Doors
    Grand Prairie, 972-264-0188
  • All Pro Garage Doors
    Carrollton, 469-744-2381
    Dallas, 214-770-4742
    Collin County, 214-770-4742
    Tarrant County, 817-986-7431
    Denton County, 972-922-0109
  • Alloyd Garage Door & Opener Repair
    Duncanville, 972-283-1840
  • America's Garage Door Service
    McKinney, 214-329-4916
  • American Service Center
    Dallas, 972-681-1659
    North Dallas, 972-335-5885
    Tarrant County, 817-496-3000
    2011 EBSCO Research Best Pick, BestPickReports.com
  • Cabot's Garage Door Repair Dallas TX
    Dallas, 214-295-7707
    Collin County, 972-464-9798
    Denton County, 940-239-0460
    Tarrant County, 817-210-6413
  • Calhoun's Garage Door Service
    Desoto, 972-228-3083

  • CHS Garage Door Repair Dallas TX
    Desoto, 972-274-5339
  • Complete Overhead Door
    Rowlett, 972-412-6069
    Dallas Best Business Award Winner 2011
  • Dyer Mechanical Services
    Farmers Branch, 972-241-2240
  • Ellis County Garage Door Service
    Midlothian, 972-723-8855
  • Fast Fix Garage Door Repair Dallas TX
    McKinney, 214-466-9709 or 469-288-8019
  • Fred's Garage Door & Opener
    Garland, 214-460-5744 or 972-867-6246
  • Global Distribution Services, aka Garage Door Service Co.
    Dallas, 866-414-1711, or 817-727-8327, or 972-544-7367
  • Hawkins General Contracting
    Gunter, 877-342-9546
  • Lone Star Garage Doors
    Frisco, 972-567-1799
  • Masters Services Inc.
    Denton, 972-877-4650
  • Overhead Door Company of Dallas – Residential
    Carrollton, 972-416-7100
  • Plano Garage Door & Opener, Inc.
    Plano - Murphy, 972-242-9380
  • Plano Overhead Garage Door
    Plano, 972-422-1695
    A+, Angie's List Super Service Award 2010
  • Service Lock & Garage Door Company
    Carrollton, 972-245-9028
  • TBS Garage Doors
    Carrollton, 214-731-3000
  • Texas Garage Door and Opener
    Plano, 214-274-5618
  • Tinkham Garage Door Company
    Carrollton, 972-492-0647 or 214-478-0001
  • Tru-Roll Overhead Door Corp.
    Pilot Point - Denton 940-686-0504 or 940-484-1021
  • Truly Noble Services
    Garland, 972-272-2455

  • ServiceMagic Rated:

  • Blair & Sons Garage Doors
    Fort Worth, 214-530-0233
    4.74 stars, 61 reviews
  • Legacy Overhead Door
    Plano, 214-560-6418
    4.8 stars, 15 reviews
  • Everything Garage Doors
    Plano, 214-560-6365 or 214-317-4394
    5.0 stars, 4 reviews
  • Christian's Garage Doors
    Aledo, 214-560-6319
    4.78 stars, 3 reviews
  • All American Overhead Door Co.
    Hurst, 972-793-5132
    4.83 stars, 1 review

  • I may have missed a few, especially with the ServiceMagic ratings. They don't provide an easy way to search and sort through the listings for different parts of the metro area, so there may be some companies I missed. If you own a Dallas garage door repair company and meet the criteria I outlined above, please let me know through my Contact Form and I will gladly add you to the list. But only if you meet the criteria!

    If anyone happens to find a mistake, if you would be so kind as to let me know so I can correct it, that would be greatly appreciated. This list is not meant to be all-inclusive, but rather to give you a starting point for your own Dallas garage door repair research. I also still recommend Angie's List as the most reliable way to locate trustworthy Dallas garage door repair and installation companies.

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